Well, officially: gon-fa-lon [gon-fuh-luhn] – noun
1. a banner suspended from a crossbar, often with several streamers or tails.
2. a standard, esp. one used by the medieval Italian republics.

[Origin: 1585–95; < It gonfalone < MF gonfalon, gonfanon < Gmc; see gonfanon]


In reality - I think it's fun to say. common - try it! goooonfahlon! gonFAAAAAAAAHlon! GonfahLOOOOOOON! See?


Ok, so I needed a new server, and I've had Reachthecolors for AGES, and though, hrm, need a new domain name to make it easier to transfer ANYWAY, so I started poking around looking for something that had to do with my colors theme still and go from there. Well most of my favorite names are taken (myriad, plethora) in all their forms. So I started randomly hitting things - and one of the results was Standards and Banners. Which are also known as gonfalons. And well, I mentioned already that it's fun to say, right? So there we have it. Me. Raising the Standard. Gonfalon.org.


Aren't ya glad ya asked?



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So I moved my two favorites to: Big Brother Craze and Parenting Teens Blog, which is now folded back into Land o'Lessa.


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