101 Things

Updated 9/13/2010

1. I am 36 40 years old. [as of February 17, 2010]
2. I am female.
3. I was married to my husband for 12 years.
4. Our oldest son walked down the aisle as a ring bearer
5. He was 1 year old
6. I figured if anyone could put up with me pregnant, he was a keeper!
7. I kept him for just shy of 15 years total.
8. I’m now a widow – Kevin died August 26, 2005.
9. I still feel like he could come home at any minute.
10. I loved him very much.
11. He loved his nickname – “Asshole”
12. He called me “bitch” in return.
13. It gave new meaning to “terms of endearment”
14. We have three kids, a boy and two girls. [currently 18, 16, and 11]
15. I was terrified to have given birth to the first boy in the family!
16. He turned out ok.
17. So far.
18. The girls I was much more prepared for.
19. So far.
20. It is often hormone central up in here.
21. And wtf was I thinking that we could survive with only one bathroom?
22. Oy.
23. My favorite candy is still reese cups.
24. My favorite cereal is still lucky charms.
25. I am a graphic designer by trade and education
26. It took me until I was 34 to get my bachelors degree.
27. I was going to be a midwife.
28. I still dream of becoming one.
29. Perhaps a doola/Lamaze coach
30. I am fascinated by the birthing process
31. probably because I had c-sections, all three times.
32. I lost a baby, and almost died in 97.
33. It was an ectopic pregnancy, and I was told if I had waited 30 more minutes, I’d have been gone.
34. I am bisexual.
35. Yes, that was quite a jump of topics.
36. I’m good at random thought switches.
37. My original hair color is blond.
38. I think – it’s been a while. heh. Yup! Blond!
39. Currently it’s burgundy/red/blond short floofy goodness. Natural blond, with blonder highlights.
40. At least it is definitely not gray. Damn kids.
41. I cut my hair as part of a new beginning.
42. I live on the same street as my parents.
43. I’ve lived on this street almost my whole life.
44. I live in Alaska.
45. No, I do not live in an igloo.
46. Yes, I’ve really been asked that.
47. I tend to say yes – and then snicker quietly.
48. Followed by telling them I drive a dogsled to work.
49. I’ve never been on a dogsled.
50. I have, however, been on a helicopter.
51. I was in a raindeer costume at the time.
52. Yes, my nose was red.
53. It could have been because it was below freezing.
54. Yes, it gets bloody cold up here.
55. I’ve always said I will move someplace warm.
56. But not while the kids are in Jr/high school.
57. But man, once they graduate?
58. I’m SO moving someplace warm.
59. I’m terrified of heights.
60. I’ve ridden several roller coasters, however.
61. It was my best friends fault.
62. It was also his fault that I finally caved and tried weed when I was 31.
63. We met online – and he’s the best friend I’ve ever had.
64. He often claims to have fathered my youngest.
65. We didn’t meet until said youngest was 2.
66. That’s some potent damn sperm!
67. Always wrap yer wang – even while cybersexing!
68. Better safe then sorry, after all.
69. I was the ultimate “goody-two-shoes” growing up.
70. I didn’t drink, smoke, do drugs, pierce anything, or color my hair.
71. Hard to believe I grew up in the 80s.
72. I spent two summers overseas on Mission trips.
73. Ireland and England in 86, France and Switzerland in 88.
74. If I ever moved out of country, it’d be to Ireland.
75. I love nick at night.
76. I didn’t used too – but now they play the GOOD classics.
77. From “way back in the 80′s”
78. that’s what the pup (youngest) says whenever she means something “really old”
79. She’s lucky I don’t throttle her more often.
80. I’m the worlds worst housekeeper.
81. Seriously.
82. If you come to see me – come anytime.
83. If you come to see my house? I demand 24 hours notice.
84. And it’ll still be a disaster.
85. But comfortable.
86. I work from home, freelance. as a Photo Center Technician at Walmart.
87. Someday I’ll have to get a real job. I started in March.
88. Hopefully, not anytime soon. I love it.
89. I would do anything for my kids.
90. Anything.
91. Anyone hurts them and they have to answer to me.
92. I’m more vicious then that bear who ate the stupid iijit who kept saying they were “misunderstood”
93. They’re not misunderstood, if you understand they are BIG AND MEAN AND WILL FUCK YOU UP!
94. Simple, no?
95. I’m that way about my kids.
96. Did I mention I’m fat?
97. Funny, that’s usually the first thing I say.
98. I am though, but mostly because I’m lazy.
99. I hate to work out. It’s like. Work.
100. And I thought I couldn’t get 100.
101. Man. I’m always wrong. *heh*
102. Just ask my kids.

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