I love the rain. Breathe in, breathe out. Out with the old, in with the new.

Breathing easy for the first time in a couple months. When one finally cuts loose what hurts, and knows the pain to be real and true and worth it for the lessons it taught – it finally fades, and is over. C’est finis.


You know that point…

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….where you are so angry, it fades away into simply being -tired-?

Yeah. I’m there.
And I’m done.

I’d tell him so – but he deserves nothing from me, and that is exactly what I”m going to give him.




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…no, not the city, or the hotel, but a man – and not just any man. Folks I know in the states, places like California and the like, would probably not be quite as enamored with Paris as I am – but that is because, according to Pretty Woman, there are people like him everywhere. Welcome to Hollywood – Everybody’s got a dream! Hehe.

Anyway, Paris. The man fast becoming legend.

It all started last weekend, on Friday, when I headed out to hear my buddy’s band, Spotted Sawyer. It’s been a while since I had heard SS play, as they’d been in other cities around the state and I’m a local groupie, not one that travels with them. Hehehe. I’ve been a fan for years, as Scotty used to live on my street, and I’d heard him practice and play since they were Tuff E Nuff, 20 years ago. So yes, I’m a big fan, and since I started going out and they started playing as SS here in town, I try to see them just about every weekend. I like to support my friends – and they’re good.


So they were playing at a new bar here in town, the Main St. Tap & Grill, which is so new they don’t even have the Grill part yet! I went in and waved at the band and took a seat, and ordered my margarita. Not too long after, I see a tall man out of the corner of my eye walking in. Now, I like ’em tall – AND I like em bald, and his hat fell off, and I saw he was both, so I was like hmmmm. Then he was headed my way. He was carrying a backpack, that was obviously very heavy. He carried it at waist level, away from his body, and his biceps were bulging, and he cut through the tables, and dropped it between my booth seat and the one next to me. It hit the floor with a SLAM, and I arched a brow at him.

“I carry bricks in there.” He said, with a grin. “Don’t touch.”
Bricks of what?! I thought, and calmly stretched out a finger and laid it on top of his pack. “Touch.”

He laughed, mentioned he was living on the road, and wandered off again, and I went back to my drink, and the music, only to see him return a few moment’s later with another bag, that he sat on top of the first, and a couple of hats – one he put on his head (A beat up cross between a fedora and cowboy hat)- before he stepped away and I figured I was to be his baggage watch person for some reason. I guess I look trustworthy.

I’ll give you a moment to quit laughing. Done? Kay then!

So he steps away, and decides he wants to take off his coat. One sleeve gets caught on his bracelet and.. well, you know how little kids spin around and around trying to get their coats off? Spinning and shaking their arms and shouting “get off get off GET OFF”? Yes. It was that. Exactly. With a “Get off my BLING motherfucker!” Thrown in for spice, as his sandal flew off and he finally managed to get his coat off and added to the pile next to me. He flashed me a grin, and stood and turned away, which is when the lights glinted off his buttons. Not button – but multiple buttons and pins all over his shirt – kinda like pin collectors at conventions. It was all I could do to simply lift my glass to him – and not burst out laughing.

Ok, I laughed. But I waited until he wandered off again. I mean seriously. Oh. My. God.

And so the night moves on, and I have seen groups of girls dance, girls dance alone (A few drinks and I dance alone too!) but I have never seen a man get up and dance alone on the dance floor. Now, Scotty told me later he has, but not in Kenai, so that is why it was so unusual. Paris roamed the bar, drink in hand, singing along at the top of his longs, and hit the dance floor.

Oh. How he hit the dance floor! He would bounce, and dance, and salute the band with a lit lighter, and kick off his shoes, and find them and kick them off again, and sing along, and try endlessly to do the ‘kick the hat off the foot and catch it on your head’ move..

…which is when his shoe almost took out a light. Heh. Whoops.

He wandered around, bumming cigarettes, and talking to anyone who looked his way. He told me once, while I was giggling, that it was ok, he was from LA, so he was supposed to be weird.

Mission accomplished, sir.

He was back the next night, and in fine form again, as he wandered (Sans luggage this time) and talked. This time, he stopped at the table I was sitting at, and introduced himself, and made fun of the fact I was playing Words With Friends, alone at a bar, on a Saturday night. Hah. I pointed out I was there for the band, and he put it together. “Oh! You work at Walmart with Scotty!” Yes, yes I do. He found this amazing, and continued on his merry way, only to return time and time again, to say hello. I later moved to the table of band wives, as it was one of their birthday’s, and we were celebrating. He came over again.

“Oh! Is this the Walmart table?!” I said no, it was the band table, and he seemed disappointed. Little did I know that my JOB was what was the most interesting thing about me. Ha! As he walked away, one of the ladies looked at me, eyes wide…

“Do you KNOW him?! Oh My GOD!”

I assured her I didn’t, and told her of the shenanigans last night, just as he almost took out another light on the floor with his shoe. The band guys talked to him, and said he needed to calm down. He did with the next song. Play that funky music. You know the part that says “Lay down and boogie”?

…he did. ha!

Later that week, Scotty told me that he’d seen him get kicked out of Bargain Basement as well – he was leaning in and asking if he could come in and get his gloves, and being told no. Repeatedly. That he was not allowed to come in for another 24 hours. hehehe.

Would that it ended there.. but no. Paris, he’s becoming infamous around our little town.

I didn’t see him Friday night, and thought he’d moved on. I was late to the bar, as I went out to see Rock of Ages first (TOTAL WIN. GO SEE. NOW! They took every best part of my high school, musically speaking, and wrapped it up into a big ball of AWESOME!). Last night, though he was there, peeking into the bar, but not actually stepping foot inside. I figured he had gotten booted for good.

So, after a lovely lady bought me something blue.. called an “Audios Motherfucker” and half of it had me dancing alone on the floor – which was fine as it was dead and more of a private show than anything else. Of course, all that dancing made me thirsty so i drank the rest of the drink, and then headed to the Bow – which was also dead. It was fun though, because a lovely gentleman taught me to two-step, and waltz, and said I was a lovely dancer who learned quickly and he’d love to dance with me again. Yay me! Course, he assured me I was the wrong gender for him to be hitting on me, but that’s ok, because TWOSTEP and WALTZ people! He said I showed promise. Naturally.

Anyway, Peppermist shows up to pick me up, and this is where we return to our story of Paris. I had told her about him, see, and she thought I had exaggerated, that he couldn’t have possibly been as crazy as I made him out to be. Oh, but she was about to find out herself…

See, McDonalds is lovely and open 24/7 on the weekends, which means french fries at 3am! Whoot! Of course we pulled up, and they were rebooting their system, so we had to wait 10 minutes in the drive through, and she says “Hey mom, there’s a guy walking up. Seriously. Right there. Your side.” I looked over and started laughing…

“THATS HIM! That’s the guy! Paris! I told you! Just lookit him!”

He was stylin in a purple pleather pimp jacket, scouring the ground for something… he crept around the car, and soon was by Peppermist’s open window. He said hi, and me, being drunk off my ass, was all “Hi Paris! How’s it goin?”

Which of course opened up the conversation. He asked where he met me, and soon (ish – took him a while) put the pieces together that I was Beth from Walmart. He asked if we smoked, and then congratulated us for not killing ourselves when we said no, and continued to scour the ground for cigarette butts and spare change. He offered to clean our windows, if we just had a quarter, or a hashbrown. We turned him down – who knew what hhe’d clean them with as he wasn’t carrying anything with him, after all – and he asked for a quarter. Said he really wanted nachos, but was shy about 35 cents or so, and the guy at holiday said the drive thru was the place for spare change because so much gets dropped and they don’t pick it up often. So Ria gave him a quarter from her ash tray (What else do non smokers use them for?! haha!) and he continued to chatter at us.

He asked if I liked his jacket, and I assured him it was totally pimpin, which made him happy. He said I looked fabulous, all decked out, and I mentioned that I had been stood up, at which he expressed the utmost shock – and said my boobs were fantastic and really out there, and the man must be stupid. Indeed!

He then asked if I liked to dance – and I assured him I loved to dance. He followed that up with this gem…

“And, ya know, I might rub up on ya a little bit. And if ya wanna kiss on me a little, that’d be cool too. My finacee won’t mind.. I saw her kissin up on a guy when she didn’t know I was watchin, and so I gotta little revenge in mind, so if ya down, ya can totally kiss up on me a bit…”

Me, I just told him to “Hold on to the dream, man. Just keep dreamin.” Cuz I’m awesome like that. Peppermist at this point was about to burst she was trying so hard not to laugh outright. He continued to tell us that he’s not broke, ya know, just knows that there’s loose change here and he can maybe score himself a burnt hashbrown or something. Made sure we knew he wasn’t on the streets – cuz he has a room at Main Street, that his sister is paying for. Though she’s mad at him, cuz she told him not to go to the bar, not to wear the purple coat, and not to shop at the Bargain Basement – and he’s done/doing all three. Oh, and he’ll have money soon, cuz his finacee is gonna set up all his gold bling, which is worth 14,000 bucks at least.

…poor Peppermist was about to burst at this point, and thankfully we were able to order and pull forward so we could gaffaw together. Paris followed us, offered respect to the mgr at the window when he was told no, and wandered off again. We asked the mgr if he was listening, and he said he’d heard the whole thing and laughed along with us as he handed us our fries and we went on our merry way – laughing hysterically..

So, all in all, it was a crappy night that turned amazing! From fun and dance and learning the two-step and waltz and making friends, AND the end of the night’s entertainment… Win. Win. Win.

And thus ends this chapter in the Paris Chronicles. Tune in next weekend, for more! Will he arrive at The Bow? Will he dance? Will he try to Rub Up On Me? Kiss On Me? Will his Fiancee show up with gold, or try to cut me? I can hardly wait to find out myself!

PS: Peppermist is extremely pleased with herself too – as she bought us 10 minutes of endless entertainment, for just a quarter. A bargain in any state!



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..updates I suppose.

When I helped him move, the week before he decided we had to take a break from each other, I was given his love seat and coffee table. Tonight is the first night I’ve actually used them. It’s odd how something so little can trigger so much, but it’s all apart of the train-wreck, and as such must be felt and dealt. (Don’t even get me started on the mattress.. heh.)

I mentioned on Facebook that I was playing Diablo III, mainly because I know he wants to desperately and can’t. Yes, I am not above such things. *L* About thirty seconds later, he commented that he was jealous and I was amused. Then I got a text that said “You don’t have to completely not talk to me :-/”

If I were keeping score – that would be a point for me. If I were. Which I’m not. (YAY POINTS. shush.)

The following conversation was all of 5 messages, and I kept it as terse as possible. He asked for a break, after all, “from each other” and no where in there do I see “you can still talk to me whenever you want” right? So I didn’t reply again, and didn’t start any other conversations.

So he showed up at work on Thursday.

(Point two. just sayin.)

He asked me why I was ignoring him, and I pointed out “Hey, you said we were taking a break, and you haven’t said anything to me either.” He said I’d stopped talking and I pointed out the last message sent was from me – so HE quit talking. He said he expected a hello or something the next day, I told him oh well. I did give him a hug, and admitted that I had missed him. Then pointed out that my silence lead him to miss me so much he came to see me at work. He just gave that little huff of breath that didn’t deny anything, and after we talked for a few, he gave me a hug and said “Stay. in. touch.”

I was good that I didn’t text him that night, nor the next day until he commented on my post about going to see Rock of Ages (Which was FANTASTIC!) – he said “If memory serves (him) right, (I) made fun of that move and didn’t want to see it, what gives?” Ah, I had to correct him on his incorrect memories. I was telling him about the preview, and that it had Tom Cruise in it of all things, and he made fun of Tommy, and pfft and took over the conversation. So I never mentioned it again. At all.

Then I followed it with a text and pointed out that he’d made fun of it, (and thus me) and so I never made my intention and internal fangirly delight known. He said “uhhuh.”

Sometimes I don’t even know. It’s alright though, I guess. I intend to have a good time tonight too – out partying with Scotty’s band again. He always makes me smile. In fact, I invited a man to join me, AND I’m considering corset-ing up too. We’ll see how I feel in a bit after my shower. Hee.

He makes fun of my bar crawls – but who can beat live music, played by a friend, and a margarita or two? Exactly. I don’t even care if I don’t get asked to dance. I’ll have fun singing along – just like I did last night at the movie.

All together now…



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So, you all know that I process things through writing about them. And sometimes – I toss them out into the ether just on the off chance the person they’re directed to sees them. They never do, of course, but the writings have gotten me a few interesting and helpful emails. So in the end, I suppose they served their purpose.

I’m going to put them here too, though, just as a “yup. I said it. I meant it.” kinda thing. Especially the last two. So, they’re after the cut, if ya care. If not, move along lil doggy. :)

Read more…


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