August 21st, 2009

No, no no. Not the “Omgewgrosspopthatbeforeittakesovertheworld” kind, but the cartoon kind!

That still sounds bad.

Anyway – the comic strip Zits, is finally letting one of it’s characters come of age! The ever lovely Marissa let me know earlier this month that all through August we can watch the star character, Jeremy Duncan, turn 16 and get his driver’s license. As we’ve been talking on that very subject here, it seemed a perfect place to spread the word (Though my apologies to Marissa, as it took me so long due to the change of venue from 451!).

Here’s a little bit more about the comic:

Zits Star FINALLY Gets a Driver’s License

New York, NY July 22, 2009 – At last! After 12 angst-filled years of being 15 years old, Jeremy Duncan is finally having a birthday, turning 16 and completing one of a teenager’s greatest rites of passage – taking his road test. Will he pass or fail? Will he finally drive his parents over the edge with his driving? Only time will tell.

In a special series that begins Mon., Aug. 3, fans of Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman’s popular Zits comic strip will be able to follow their favorite teen as he comes of age in the newspaper comics, both in print and in King Features’ new Comics Kingdom online portal. To see the series, please visit one of more than 40 Comics Kingdom partner news sites, including the New York Daily News, Denver Post, San Antonio Express-News, Toronto Star, Las Vegas Review Journal, Santa Fe New Mexican, Spokesman Review, Sarasota Herald-Tribune and Tulsa World.

When asked why they decided to tamper with the age of their strip’s star after 12 highly successful years in syndication, Scott and Borgman responded, “About the meanest thing you could do is freeze someone at 15. After a dozen years our consciences have gotten the better of us. It’s time to let the kid drive.”

Distributed by King Features to more than 1,600 newspapers in 45 countries and 15 languages, Zits features the daily adventures of the quintessential teenager With his loving parents, Walt and Connie Duncan, his best friend, Hector, and his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Sara Toomey, by his side, the perpetually slouching and disheveled Jeremy treads the murky waters of adolescence in oversized sneakers.

Zits is the brainchild of Pulitzer Prize-winning artist Jim Borgman, and award-winning cartoonist-writer Jerry Scott, who also co-creates the popular “Baby Blues” strip. Zits established itself early when it launched in July 1997 in more than 200 newspapers – one of the largest start-ups in comics history.

And my son thought I made HIM wait a long time for his license! :)

Did Jeremy pass? Find out here! And thanks Marissa for letting us know! :)

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