June 8th, 2008

This week on Can You Duet! we went from five duos down to the final four.

My adored country rockers had to wait till the end of the show to see if they made it as the harmonies were a little off, despite Caitlin and Will rocking the stage like always. Will even ditched his trademark do rag to hold back his hair and looked mighty fine up there on stage.

Joey and Rory, Naomi’s darlings, had them all in the palm of their hand – making me wonder why they just don’t stop kissing their ass and give them the prize already.

I’m all for authentic old time sound, but come on, it’s 2008! Gimme that Country Rocker Spirit!

The Cappolas finally broke through the wall with Naomi after commenting backstage that it’d be easy to like her if she didn’t hate them so much. Ha! Ms. Judd finally felt some connection and openness from the pair and praised them for it, as did Amy. They still had to wait though, as they only got two of the three judges to commit to their moving on.

Brownell and Richie also did well, and were rewarded with another week to compete, as they grow more and more confident on stage and with their presence, and as such, we say goodbye to Johnson and Oakleaf who will have to come to terms with their fifth place finish. They were a duo put together by the judges during auditions, but they couldn’t quite pull it together enough to win in the end, though the judges did encourage them to keep practicing, stay together and keep trying, that they’d do well eventually. Just not now. Awww.

So it’s down to the final four – Caitlin and Will, Joey and Rory, The Capollas, and Brownell and Richie. You all know who I’m pulling for, but who do YOU like?

June 3rd, 2008

…I just don’t think it’d understand…

Ahem. Sorry, flashback there. All those of my generation (…how did I get old enough to be able to say that?!) remember Billy Ray Cyrus for his achey breaky heart. Now days, he’s mostly known as Mylie Cyrus/Hanna Montana’s dad, where he’s traded in his mullet for a soul patch. Us reality geeks remember his desperate cry to get his mullet back on Dancing with the Stars, as well – but now he adds Show Host to his resume. That’s right, starting Monday, Nashville Star moves from CMT to NBC as they spend the summer searching for their newest Country star.

The two hour premiere will do what no other show like it has done – take us straight from auditions to the final 12 in one fell swoop – no 3 weeks of painfully bad singers to get through to the cream of the crop. Then, with 90 minute shows every Monday, we’ll drop one at a time until a new Nashville Star is crowned. Jewel, who hosted the show on CMT (….mkay. Hey – did you know she grew up in Alaska? Just a couple hours south of me, in fact. She didn’t used to like to claim us, and upset a lot of folks by canceling all her concerts a few years back, so it’s nice to see Alaska included in her bio now.) returns as a Judge this time around, along with two other J names – Jeffrey Steele (songwriter) and John Rich (Half of the Duo, Big and Rich).

I’d be lying if I said my country loving heart isn’t going pitter patter – this is right up there with Can You Duet in the ranks of “OH! Let’s WATCH!” TBF (the Best Friend) has tried for years to beat the country out of me with many good indie/punk/hard rock tunes – I love them all, but Country… I still *heart* it too… Yes, I know I’m a geek. I’m ok with that.

The question is – are YOU gonna watch?

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