June 3rd, 2008

DeAnna received a heartbreaking rejection at the end of last years Bachelor when Brad Womack tossed her aside at the last minute. This summer, it’s her turn to be woo’d by guys determined to get laid on national television. You’d think it was BB9, hm?

Anyway! We’re two weeks in, and several of the guys have been sent packing. In the first episode, as the boys bullied their way in and tried to steal just a couple minutes of DeAnna’s attention, it was a night of anything goes – and those that go overboard, went. She sent home 10 of the 25 men the first episode, and Greg was rebellious and ripped off his shirt and howled. M…kay. Inside, DeAnna, completely oblivious to all the tattoo’d noise she’s missing, toasts the remaining men with the Greek OPA!

Episode two saw another 3 men leaving after a day at the ball field, more jockying for position and attention and a division among the men. Some of them get to live in the house by invitation, while the others have to stay at the guest house – with a gratuitous outside shower they must use. Thank you ABC. Rawr! In the end, Chris, Eric and Ryan go home. They cry a bit about being rejected, and lament that DeAnna doesn’t know what she wants since she doesn’t want them. Ha. DeAnna has to run out of the room to dab her wee little tears with a tissue because the elimination ceremony was so hard. Aw. They boys just stand there, uncomfortably, and I waited for one of them to at least attempt to go comfort her – but no. Poor boys. Can’t handle tears. She wipes them away real quick, though, and toasts to her future husband, who she is certain is in the room.

Umhm. Tonight, more heartbreak and rejection. yay!

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